E.Y.E Control:

First cosmetic product in history to help the appearance of sagging upper eye lids while at the same time improving the appearance of crows feet and dark circles.

Glycation is a destructive chemical reaction whereby sugar molecules attack important skin proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Glycation damages skin proteins and is a root cause of dark circles, crows feet and also causes the upper eye lids to loose elasticity resulting in that sagging, droopy tired look.

E.Y.E Control is a sensational new breakthrough that is a great alternative to expensive and painful eye lid surgery.

Patented E.Y.E Control was developed in France, and is now available here in the USA.

In vivo clinical testing revealed these amazing results after 60 days of use.

Upper eye lids:

Up to 61% improved appearance of drooping eyelids.

Crows Feet:

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