Are You Skipping The One Beauty Trick That Can make You Look A Decade Younger?

Did you know that thinning eyebrows are one of the very first—and most easily quantifiable—visible signs of aging?

Our money’s on “no.” And that’s completely understandable. Unlike, say, the crow’s feet we’ve been trained to fear by the time we’re out of high school, eyebrow loss is somewhat of a silent assassin. As the New York Times puts it, “eyebrows are like shoes; you don’t notice them unless they are exquisitely right or disastrously wrong.” With that in mind, when it comes to your own eyebrows, unless they’ve gone missing already, you’re probably not concerned. And if they have thinned out over the years, you’ve no doubt noticed—what you likely have not done is attribute how old you look to their dwindling volume.

Voluptuous, well-shaped brows make an immediate difference in your perceived age. If such a thing as an anti-aging miracle exists, it’s a brow makeover.

Eyebrows are one of the most defining features a person has. They frame the face, convey emotion, and, when shaped properly, make the eyes look brighter and the cheekbones more defined. Speaking in terms of physical features, nothing—other than a full head of hair, perhaps—is more integral in one’s youthful good looks than a great set of eyebrows.